Because of rain, clay-court event has tight squeeze

September 27, 1995|By Doug Brown | Doug Brown,SUN STAFF

Rain chased players indoors on the third day of the T. Rowe Price National Intercollegiate Clay Court Championships.

All singles matches in college tennis' first grand slam event of the school year were canceled yesterday. Officials squeezed in the first two rounds of men's and women's doubles on indoor courts at the Greenspring, Cross Keys and Bare Hills clubs.

Singles play is scheduled to resume today at 8 a.m. with two rounds -- a total of 96 matches -- on host Suburban Club's 19 clay courts and 13 more at the Woodholme and L'Hirondelle country clubs. With 32 courts, an entire round can be played at once.

"This does bunch up play a little," said Tennessee coach John Kreis, chairman of the men's clay courts committee. "But we'll still finish Sunday as scheduled, unless there's more rain."

There are five rounds in the main draw. Instead of playing those rounds over four days, they will be compressed into three. If a player enters the main draw from the qualifier and manages to gain the final, it will amount to two matches a day for four days.

That's a tough schedule, but not impossible, Kreis said. "It's not unusual to play two singles and one doubles in one day, but that's the limit," he said.

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