The Charles restarts its Sunday sneak

September 23, 1995|By Stephen Hunter

They're back. That is, Cinema Sundays at the Charles, the deal where you get bagels, movies and critics at one shot at the Charles on a Sunday morning. The movie is an art film slated for release in the near future; you're getting a sneak preview. The critic is always a giant in the field.

This Sunday's edition, first in a new fall series that will run through Oct. 29 with the 8th blank, offers a French comedy that has great fun playing with notions of celebrity as a focus of worship in a media-crazed and dominated society. It's one of those Moebius strip deals, a narrative that's really about itself and cleverly turns in on itself at the end. The Charles is obligated not to release the name of the film in advance.

The critic is a well-known writer and lecturer on exactly those topics at a large academic institution in the area whose name you would probably recognize.

Tickets for the series are $60. Doors open at 10, the show goes on at 10.30 and the post-screening discussion lasts as long as the audience stays.

For more information, call 410-366-8675.

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