Germany agrees to pay American Holocaust victims

September 20, 1995|By SUN NATIONAL STAFF

WASHINGTON -- The U.S. and German governments yesterday invited Americans who were persecuted in Nazi death camps during World War II to apply for "compensation" for their suffering.

Under the terms of an agreement signed early yesterday, reparations will be paid to Holocaust survivors who, when they were held by the Nazis, "were already nationals of the United States."

They will receive some payment -- the amount has not been set -- if they were victims of Nazi persecution "by reason of their race, their faith or their ideology."

Those eligible may make a claim through a member of Congress or through the State Department's Office of International Claims and Investment Disputes.

Formal details of eligibility will be published later, the State Department said. Officials said they had no idea how many people might be eligible.

The deferred compensation program is in addition to a $2.05 million payment that Germany has agreed to make to 11 Americans who were held in Nazi death camps.

That agreement is limited to those 11, the two governments stressed.

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