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September 18, 1995

On Sundays and for themed sections during the week, you'll find articles onlifestyle news focusing on health, food, fashion, recreation, travel, people, the arts and people. The Sun Magazine keeps its unique touch of Sunday magazine journalism. Here's what to expect:


The name remains the same, but nearly everything else about Live is new. You'll find that it offers more information on things to do over the weekend, in a format that is better organized and easier to use.

You'll also get it on Thursdays - a day earlier than previously and one step ahead of the competition - so that you can consider all the possibilities and make the most of your precious free time.

Here are the changes to look for:

* Cover stories with broader appeal, focusing on the best way to spend your weekend in and around Baltimore.

* A new list of events for the family, with the best bets highlighted.

* Ideas for day trips in the Middle Atlantic region, with a high- lights list of what's on tap in neighboring Washington.

* A two-page, full-color spread in the middle of the section focusing on the weekend's most interesting activities, including the Around the Inner Harbor column previously found in the Maryland section.

* A reorganized music calendar that makes it easier to find the sounds you are looking for - from rock to bluegrass to blues - and gives you more information about the venues staging the shows.

* A substantially improved and reorganized fine arts listing, featuring choices from The Sun's theater, arts and classical music critics.

* Easier-to-read movie capsules from critic Stephen Hunter, as well as a preview of shows opening this weekend and highlights of what's new on video this week.

* Expanded restaurant listings, along with dining reviews and the Table Talk column featuring the dish on the restaurant scene. A few times a year, we'll also offer special dining-out issues of Live.

A La Carte

Every Wednesday in A La Carte readers are offered an assortment of stories and recipes that address both the tried-and-the-true and cutting-edge cuisine. You'll also find features about the local food scene, such as a recent story about the rise of women chefs in the area and our guide to the best ethnic food stores.

Look for these regular features:

* The award-winning Happy Eater column written by Rob Kasper, whose personal and often humorous look at food can include reminiscences about the pleasures of eating watermelon as a teen-ager and his struggles to match the wine glass with the correct wine.

* The popular Recipe Finder column provides readers with a forum for requesting and receiving long-lost recipes often no longer found in contemporary cookbooks. Chefs at Baltimore's Culinary College test the recipes sent by the readers and choose the most successful for publication.

* Every week The Sun's wine writer, Michael Dresser, selects the best wine buy of the week, which is illustrated with a clip-and-save photograph of the label. Every other week, his column Vintage Point goes into depth about news in the wine world, from the versatility of fume blanc to the outstanding value of Spanish wines.

* Every other week in the Fast & Fresh recipe column, Rita Calvert helps solve the rush-hour dilemma that so many of us face by providing a nutritious menu with recipes that can be put together in under half an hour.


Every Sunday in the Arts section, The Sun's critics and reporters bring you inside the world of the arts and entertainment, everything from the latest developments on the city's cultural scene to an insightful critique of James McNeill Whistler's paintings or an analysis of how television's family hour is changing.

You'll also find these features:

* Glenn McNatt's new column on the arts.

* Arts Notes, news you can use from the local arts community.

* A magazines column that looks at what's coming up in issues about to hit the newsstands.

* Aircheck, a column focusing on what's new at Baltimore area radio stations.

* Changes in the television programming that arrived too late to make the weekly TV book.


Every Sunday, the Travel section offers a variety of features designed to make life on the road more enjoyable and affordable. Here's what to look for:

* Travel Log, a collection of news you can use, short items on everything from new visa requirements for foreign destinations to a Top Ten list of best airline food, and special fall tour packages.

* Taking the Kids, a column by Eileen Ogintz, focuses on family travel topics as diverse as new children's museums and the way to take the best family photographs.

* Travel Notes, news notes about festivals, travel brochures and exhibits being offered by nonprofit or government organizations in the region.

* Trips, a list of trips being offered by nonprofit organizations in the readership area.

* Airfare Bargains, a chart that summarizes the lowest bargain fares in the past week for the top 20 U.S. destinations from Baltimore-Washington International Airport.

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