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September 18, 1995

For our headlines, we went back into the history of The Sun and chose a type based on the Century family of fonts, which were used in the paper from approximately 1920 to 1970.

Many of the headlines you see in historic front pages - classics such as the March 2, 1932, streamer that screams, 'Lindbergh Baby Stolen' - are in a version of this font. It was used longer than any other headline type in The Sun's history.

As with the text type, the version we are using today has been customized for The Sun. We have changed the weight and balance of the letters to meet our production needs and to give the font a more contemporary look.

About the designer

The redisgn of The Sun was directed by Roger Black, a consultant who has worked on similar projects for a varity of newspapers and magazine.

Mr. BLack has been involved in redisigning such newspapers as the New York Times, the San Francisco Examiner and the Toronto Star. He also has worked on design projects for Esquire, Rolling Stone and Newsweek magazine.

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