A roundup of new products and servicesFor what bugs youAh...


September 17, 1995|By Laura Barnhardt

A roundup of new products and services

For what bugs you

Ah, the joys of late summer! End-of-season picnics, camping trips, gardening. Bugs, flies, beetles and mosquitoes -- all of which want to alight on you.

Sea-Band International offers an alternative to using messy lotions or sprays to stay pest-free -- a nontoxic, plastic wrist strap that keeps insects at least 10 feet away for a maximum of 60 hours, or 14 days, if resealed in its plastic bag. Bugchaser, which has been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Federal Drug Administration, easily wraps around your wrist with its hook-and-loop fastener. To order Bugchaser ($3.50 plus shipping), call (800) 922-0932.

A field trip for mice

Catching mice isn't so hard. It's disposing of them that's unpleasant. Seabright Enterprises has devised a mousetrap that eliminates the whole messy business by catching the mice alive and unharmed so they can be released outdoors. A spring door '' on the plastic and stainless-steel trap snaps shut once the mouse has entered. The lightweight trap can then be carried to a field far away from your house, where the mouse can make a time-delayed escape through the "freedom door." The trap is available for $14, including shipping, through People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Call (301) 770-8978.

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