WGN apologizes for Caray remark about Nomo

September 16, 1995|By Chicago Tribune

CHICAGO -- WGN Radio apologized Thursday for a remark Chicago Cubs broadcaster Harry Caray made earlier this week during a taping of the pregame "Jim Riggleman Show."

Caray's words came Tuesday in a question posed to Riggleman about Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Hideo Nomo, a rookie from Japan who was scheduled to pitch that night.

In a joking tone, Caray asked the Cubs manager, "Well, my eyes are slanty enough, how 'bout yours?"

Riggleman, clearly flustered, quickly switched the subject to baseball. The remark wasn't edited out of the conversation that was taped about 45 minutes before it aired.

"It's very unfortunate that something like that is said and I don't condone it," said WGN program director Tisa LaSorte, who said she was surprised when she didn't receive any phone calls about the incident.

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