Note to readers

September 15, 1995

Starting next week -- and coinciding with the redesign of The Sun -- Live will appear on Thursdays, making it more useful as you plan your entertainment activities.

Readers will notice some content changes as well. Among the highlights: a new emphasis on family-oriented and active-leisure activities, club listings that are more informative and comprehensive, more colorful display of Best Bets, restaurant listings that summarize our critics' opinion of the dining experience, and ideas for day trips in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Also, the magazine's name will be simplified from Maryland Live to Live.

You will also notice that Stephen Hunter's movie reviews are missing. They will appear in the Friday Today section.

We hope you enjoy the new magazine and encourage your comments. Write us at 501 N. Calvert St., Baltimore, Md. 21278, or call Tom Clifford, Arts & Entertainment Editor, at (410) 332-6716.

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