The Sun's Endorsements

September 10, 1995

The Sun makes the following recommendations for Tuesday's primary election in Baltimore City. Our reasons for these endorsements have been explained in previous editorials.

The only Republican primary this year is for mayor.

You may clip this list and take it with you into the voting booth.


Mary Pat Clark (D)

Victor Clark Jr. (R)


Carl Stokes


Joan M. Pratt


First District

John L. Cain

Lois Garey

Kelley Ray

Second District

Anthony J. Ambridge

Robert L. Douglass

Sarah L. Matthews

Third District

Wibur E. Cunningham

Nina Harper

Martin O'Malley

Fourth District

Sheila Dixon

Keiffer J. Mitchell Jr.

Julian J. Thomas Jr.

Fifth District

Helen L. Holton

Stephanie C. Rawlings

Michele Rosenberg

Sixth District

Otis E. Lee

Edward L. Reisinger

Melvin L. Stukes

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