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September 09, 1995

GOP Candidate

The Sun's recent publication of data from other entities' surveys of candidates in the upcoming city primaries is likely to spawn unnecessary confusion.

There were significant -- though I'm sure inadvertent -- omissions by both the League of Women Voters of Baltimore City and the Baltimore City Homeowners' Coalition for Fair Property Taxes in their distribution of questionnaires to city-wide candidates. Apparently, though Republicans are on the primary ballot as unopposed candidates for City Council president and comptroller, they were not provided timely opportunity to participate in these surveys. Similarly situated City Council candidates were given that opportunity.

In the case of the League, I have been provided at my request a survey which, the League promises, will be reflected in the general election version of their voters' guide. Who knows whether it will have as wide a distribution as the one from which Chris McShane and I were omitted. I have ironically heard nothing from the Homeowners' Coalition, which would likely find Republican city-wide candidates more sensitive than anyone else to their concerns. I'm on the list, folks, and I do respond to every survey.

The Sun simply prints what it is provided by these groups, and that leads people to forget there are general election contests for these offices. Some of us are citizen volunteer candidates seriously trying at considerable personal expense to make a difference by providing serious and credible -- candidacies for those seeking alternatives to the status quo. It helps when we are at least given a fighting chance on an equal basis to inform the public we are around.

Anthony Cobb


NB The writer is a Republican running for City Council president.

Money, Race, Sex

Regarding the upcoming mayor election, I have concerns about The Sun's lack of endorsement of Mayor Kurt Schmoke. Your withdrawal of support appears to have a bottom line of $100 million!

I am appalled that your endorsement of Council President Mary Pat Clarke contained a condescending list of directives, the first of which referenced the $100 million brilliantly garnered from the Clinton administration by Mayor Schmoke and his administration. Also, Ms. Clarke was admonished to forge state and federal alliances to ensure that government funds continue to flow. Even without mayoral experience, would not this be obvious to Ms. Clarke? Also, your endorsement seems to imply that Mayor Schmoke should be the mayor to obtain $100 million but not the one to make decisions about its expenditure for Baltimore. Quite frankly, I am perplexed and puzzled by The Sun's words and disgusted by the lack of support for Mayor Kurt Schmoke.

Also troubling are the comparisons of the mayor's accomplishments with those of the council president's. Examining their accomplishments on the same level is like comparing chalk and cheese.

As councilperson and head of the council, Ms. Clarke often acts as Mayor Schmoke's deputy. Like others in subordinate positions, her responsibilities are often task-oriented, unlike those of the head person. It is fine to suppose that one can do the job better and challenge the top person constantly, but being the council president is not the same as being the mayor. There are many opportunities for second guessing by deputies, many without the facts and others after the fact.

As a recent Sun article indicated, Council President Clarke does a commendable job of responding to individual citizens' problems, some at the mayor's request and most with help from city administrators. With respect to Ms. Clark, questions about accomplishments and skills remain. The least of these unknown and unproven essentials are creativity, thoughtful decision-making and strong administrative acumen, possessed in abundance by Mayor Kurt Schmoke.

I am reminded of the rush by the previous mayor to dismantle the ''shadow government'' just before Mayor Schmoke took office. Then and now, my suspicions are fueled by an apparent exclusion of financial power. Is it any wonder that many African Americans are aware of how much money, race and sex affect their lives, disproportionately?

arriet Griffin


Young Leader

It was wonderful to see a real friend of the neighborhoods endorsed by The Sun for a 1st District City Council seat. That friend is Kelley Ray. Your endorsement truly expressed why the constituency should vote for her on Sept. 12 because ''she is the type of young leader Baltimore really needs.''

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