Seen the logo for the Bandits, Baltimore's new...


September 09, 1995

HAVE YOU seen the logo for the Bandits, Baltimore's new entry in the American Hockey League?

Designed by an arm of the Walt Disney Company -- which owns the Bandits' parent club in the National Hockey League, the Anaheim Mighty Ducks -- the logo bears a strong resemblance to Meeko, the cute raccoon featured in the latest animated Disney movie, "Pocahontas."

"Cute," though, is hardly the word for the Bandits' logo. Its jagged teeth bared in a terrifying snarl, its gloved paws holding aloft a hockey stick as though it were a machete, its eyes frozen in a psychotic stare, this raccoon appears to mean business.

Which happens to be what team officials are banking on. They hope the Bandits' logo and mascot will sell tickets and souvenirs, just as the superhero Crunchman and Rowdy the River Rat have done for AHL teams in Syracuse and Albany, N.Y.

But aren't Bandit officials concerned their ferocious raccoon might scare youngsters they clearly wish to reach, especially kids who have seen "Pocahontas" many times and fallen in love with the cuddly Meeko?

If it's not too late to name the new ice-hockey team mascot, we're inspired to offer suggestions:

Meeko on Steroids.

Meeko on a Bad Hair Day.

Dr. Meeko, Mr. Hyde.

The Meeko-nator.

Meeko's Evil Twin.

Me Meeko, You Meat.

* * *

SO WHAT was the name of the Poe guy, Edgar Allan or Edgar Allen?

So much time has passed from the 1849 death of this poet, critic and innovator in fiction that even scholars are having trouble remembering his proper name.

In his new book, "Walking in Baltimore," Frank R. Shivers and his publisher, the Johns Hopkins University Press, got Poe's name right. Roderick N. Ryon's "West Baltimore Neighborhoods" (The University of Baltimore) is not as lucky. He goes with Edgar Allen.

As for The Baltimore Sun electronic library of recent stories, Edgar Allan still leads, 140 to 14.

Paul Laurence Dunbar, the African-American poet who was no stranger to Maryland, also is getting his name widely misspelled, even in supposedly learned publications. People who should know better keep insisting he was Paul Lawrence.

The latest score in the Sun library of recent stories is 41 for Paul Laurence and five for the other guy.

* * *

RELATIONS between the United States and China may be tense, but they apparently aren't as bad as we think.

After all, the Central Ballet of China is scheduled to perform "The Red Detachment" at the U.S. Naval Academy on Nov. 9. For further information, call 1-800-US4-NAVY.

As humorist Leo Rosten used to say, "Only in America."

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