Gen. Edmond Jouhaud, 90, who led a military rebellion in...


September 06, 1995

Gen. Edmond Jouhaud, 90, who led a military rebellion in 1961 to keep Algeria in French hands in defiance of former President Charles de Gaulle, died Monday at home in Royan, France. The native of Algeria was the last survivor of the four generals who organized the uprising. De Gaulle denounced the four as a "group of partisan, ambitious and fanatical officers." General Jouhaud was sentenced to death for his part but was later pardoned. The generals launched their uprising on April 22, 1961, on the eve of talks to end a seven-year independence war that killed as many as a million people. Algeria at the time was a province of France. The putsch lasted barely four days, and Algeria declared independence on July 3, 1962. Two of the generals were caught. General Jouhaud and another, Gen. Raoul Salan, went underground, taking over the Secret Army Organization, which fought attempts to set up an independent Algerian government.

Paulo Gracindo, 84, considered the dean of Brazilian actors, died Monday of prostate cancer in Rio de Janeiro. In his 62-year career, he was a star of radio, television, movies and theater. He was equally at ease playing Shakespearean tragedy or the backwoods Brazilian characters of author Jorge Amado.

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