Regan insists he won't play games with lineup


September 05, 1995|By Buster Olney | Buster Olney,Sun Staff Writer Sun staff writer Brad Snyder contributed to this article.

Because of their desire to participate in history, many of Phil Regan's players have attempted, for weeks, to project what lineup will be used in Cal Ripken's record-tying and record-setting games tonight and tomorrow.

But Regan said yesterday he will set his lineup and insert substitutes with one thing in mind: winning. "I'll manage it like every other game," Regan said. "I'll use whatever players I need that particular day."

That means Regan won't freely replace players just to give them a chance to say that they played in No. 2,130 or No. 2,131. He has no intention, either, of pulling Ripken in the late innings to provide one more chance for a standing ovation.

"I'd really like to win those games," Regan said. "It would make for a better celebration in the clubhouse, a better feeling all the way around. I know winning those would mean a lot to Cal."

Regan is happy that the rotation fell in such a way that Mike Mussina will pitch the record-setting game tomorrow night. "It's nice that he gets that chance," Regan said. "He's pitched well for us all year, and he's pitched well his whole career."

It's his call


Larry Barnett has been a major-league umpire for 27 years.

Working behind the plate tomorrow night will be the highlight of Barnett's career.

"I've done some World Series and playoffs, but to me, this is it," Barnett said. "This is huger than huge.

As the crew chief, Barnett received permission from his crew members to rearrange the schedule so he could work the record-breaking game.

"It's history," Barnett said. "It's like [the late umpire] Lee Weyer in the National League when Pete Rose broke [Ty Cobb's all-time hit] record. Lee Weyer was working the plate. Those are things in your career."

Barnett said he will receive one of the six copies of the special lineup cards from Ripken's record-breaking day. According to American League vice president Phyllis Merhige, the other cards will go to Ripken, the Hall of Fame, the Babe Ruth Museum and the Orioles, among others.

Barnett's will be a prized memento. "It'll be behind glass, I can tell you that," he said.

Al Clark is equally excited to work Ripken's record-tying game and to get his hands on one of the special lineup cards.

"Nobody's going to take mine away," Clark said. "Technically, the lineup cards are the property of the American League. Technically."

the number

This from John Lowe of the Detroit News: Only 17 players have been in the majors throughout Ripken's streak, and only two of the 17 haven't been on the disabled list during that time -- Yankees third baseman Wade Boggs and Ripken's teammate, reliever Jesse Orosco.

The other 15 players: Harold Baines, Andre Dawson, Dennis Eckersley, Gary Gaetti, Rickey Henderson, Rick Honeycutt, Paul Molitor, Eddie Murray, Tim Raines, Lee Smith, Ozzie Smith, Alan Trammell, Tim Wallach, Lou Whitaker and Dave Winfield.

Around the horn

The Orioles are expected to call up outfielder Sherman Obando, catcher Cesar Devarez and pitcher Jimmy Haynes after Triple-A Rochester wins or is eliminated from the International League playoffs. . . . Rookie center fielder Curtis Goodwin was activated from the 15-day disabled list, to be used for pinch running and defensive purposes. Goodwin had his left index finger mashed trying to bunt Aug. 19. . . . Third baseman Leo Gomez will have surgery on his right ankle, for the removal of a broken bone. Gomez said the operation may take place Thursday or Friday. "I'm going to be here for the two games," Gomez said.

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