25 Years Ago* Housewives cannot but be amazed at the...


September 03, 1995|By Compiled from the archives of the Historical Society of Carroll County.

25 Years Ago

* Housewives cannot but be amazed at the effrontery of the large supermarket chains which have unleashed a rash of

display advertising in the daily press during the past several weeks calling attention to the fact of their prevailing "discount prices" on their merchandise. An inspection of the price tags on most of the articles of greatest purchase reveals anything but "discount prices," as any housewife knows. What a dollar buys in foodstuffs now compared to what it would buy only a month or so ago causes a feeling of dismay on the part of the food purchaser who must continue to buy on a fixed budget. -- Community Reporter, Aug. 2, 1970.

50 Years Ago

* New tires, nylon stockings, new radios. The government dropped good news about all three into American laps. Government officials were careful not to speak of an end to rationing but they said motorists might get a break on new tires within 90 days. They predicted production might jump 100 percent in the next three months. That would mean a lot more tires for civilians. OPA officials said they thought they could hold most of the new peacetime goods -- when it reaches the stores again -- at or near 1942 prices. But . . . manufacturers contend that 1945 production costs demand higher than 1942 prices. Nylon stockings may be back in circulation . . . at least by Christmas. The government has turned loose its controls on nylon and rayon. WPD said 3 1/2 million radios may be on the store shelves by Christmas. . . . The reason: An 80 percent cut in military orders for radar and radio. Rent ceilings are expected to disappear soon in certain places. For example, in areas where Army camps close or war plants shut down and people move away. -- Democratic Advocate, Aug. 24, 1945.

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