Games' seating arrangements not sitting well with some O's


September 02, 1995|By Brad Snyder | Brad Snyder,Sun Staff Writer

Several Orioles players are upset that some of their complimentary seats have been moved for Cal Ripken's record-tying and record-breaking games Tuesday and Wednesday, said Joe Foss, the club's vice chairman for baseball operations.

"I was told that some player tickets have been moved," Foss said. "I don't know anything about it, but I told them I'd look into it."

The Orioles usually give the players 200 of their approximately 250 complimentary tickets behind home plate. But the players received 149 for Tuesday and 128 for Wednesday, with the remaining tickets being given to VIPs, Orioles officials said.

Three of each player's six complimentary tickets will be down the left-field line. The players -- who will have the opportunity to purchase additional tickets in left field -- complained that their families will not be able to sit together.

Surgery for Rhodes

Left-hander Arthur Rhodes will have arthroscopic surgery late next week on his pitching shoulder.

Dr. James Andrews of Birmingham, Ala. -- who has made a pretty good living off the Orioles this season -- will perform the exploratory procedure on Rhodes, who is out for the rest of the season with stretched tissue around his shoulder.

Preliminary indications are that the damage is not extensive, according to Orioles general manager Roland Hemond. "[Dr. Andrews] was pleased," he said. "It wasn't as serious as he feared."

Hammonds update

Jeffrey Hammonds' strength test on his strained right trapezius muscle did not go as well as planned.

"I don't know what I have to do to pass with flying colors," Hammonds said. "Apparently, I didn't."

Manager Phil Regan said Hammonds -- who has been lifting weights, hitting off a tee and shagging balls -- will not face live hitting for at least another week.

"I'm not positive if he will even be back this year," Regan said. "Maybe

in a couple weeks if he progresses like they think he will."

Also, Regan said he discussed with coaches for the first time the prospects of Hammonds' playing winter ball.

Hammonds may not be back soon, but Curtis Goodwin might. Doctors told Regan that Goodwin cannot do any further damage to his smashed finger.

Regan said Goodwin may come off the disabled list Tuesday, if only as a pinch runner.

Roster moves

The Orioles brought up one outfielder (Jarvis Brown) from Rochester and got another (Mark Smith) back after an injury.

But they're still down to four outfielders. Kevin Bass, who strained his quadriceps muscle in Thursday's game, is day-to-day and only available for pinch-hitting duty, Regan said.

Winter plans

Regan may be asking several players to play winter ball. Smith and pitchers Joe Borowski, Rick Krivda and Jim Dedrick are slated to go to Venezuela, where Regan used to manage. They will be supervised by Dave Jauss, the Orioles' coordinator of minor-league instruction.

Reliever Mark Eichhorn, who has been out all season with a torn rotator cuff, may pitch in a California winter league.

Fifth-inning salutes

After Thursday's game, Ripken reflected on the emotional fifth-inning ovations he has been receiving.

"They make you feel really good," Ripken said. "They almost make you want to cry sometimes when you start to think about it."

Ripken appeared to get emotional for the first time Thursday night, when Oakland manager Tony La Russa stood in the dugout clapping.

"You appreciate the ovation and the recognition from everyone," Ripken said. "I think it's really cool, the way it all comes down."

Ripken also said Thursday -- six days before he is scheduled to break Lou Gehrig's consecutive-games record -- that he is looking forward to Game 2,131.

"I have an underlying nervousness that wasn't there before, one that affects your sleep patterns," Ripken said. "It's like an on switch that won't go off. It's anticipation."

The book on Ripken

The Orioles' official 104-page Ripken commemorative book will go on sale Tuesday at the ballpark and will be available by phone Wednesday for $12.95 plus $3.50 shipping and handling by calling (800) 303-4010.


On the field: Grounding into three double plays wasn't the Orioles' only offensive problem last night. Two Orioles were caught stealing early. Jarvis Brown was nailed with one out in the first, and Jeff Huson was caught with two outs in the third.

In the dugout: Manager Phil Regan started Brown in center and batted him second. Brady Anderson led off and played left.

In the clubhouse: Brown and Mike Hartley have been recalled from Triple-A Rochester, and Regan said after Rochester finishes its season, more help is on the way. "We probably are going to bring some additional guys up."

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