Princess Hohenloe,New York socialitePrincess Alexander...


August 22, 1995

Princess Hohenloe,

New York socialite

Princess Alexander Hohenloe, a New York socialite known since the 1930s as Honeychile Wilder, died Aug. 11 of lymphoma in New York. She was 76.

A Georgia native with a Southern drawl whose given name was Patricia Wilder, she got her nickname from calling everyone else "Honeychile." After her marriage to Prince Alexander of Austria, she was known as Princess Honeychile.

She arrived in New York in the 1930s and worked as a showgirl, appearing once with Bob Hope at the Palace Theater.

A regular at many of New York's most prominent nightclubs, she had a drink named after her at "21": a whiskey sour made with honey.

After her husband's death 11 years ago, she had lived in Spain and traveled widely.

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