Elvaton Towne to have 'National Night Out' parties

July 31, 1995

The Elvaton Towne Neighborhood Watch invites community residents to participate in one of several block parties scheduled to recognize "National Night Out" from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. tomorrow.

Parties are planned for Long Towne, Norvelle, Ingram and Darton courts. Participants are asked to bring a dessert or light snack and beverage to share. All residents are asked to turn on their house lights, come outside and enjoy the relative safety of the evening. McGruff the Crime Dog will be making his way through the community.

For information, contact one of several block captains: 760-3562 for Long Towne Court; 761-3354 for Norvelle Court; 553-9141 for Ingram Court; 553-6089 or 761-3638 Darton Court.

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