Man is charged with carrying knife

July 20, 1995

A Pasadena man was arrested on a weapons charge Monday night after an undercover detective saw him pull a knife on a motorist during a quarrel, county police said.

Detective Scott Gall was parked near the Royal Farms store in the 2500 block of Mountain Road about 9:40 p.m. when he saw a man pull out a 9-inch silver butterfly knife and wave it menacingly at a motorist. Detective Gall radioed a description of the man to the police dispatcher and said the man had put the knife in his right-front pocket, police said.

Eastern District Officer Sammy Brown found a man fitting the description, searched him, found the knife and arrested him, police said.

David Scott Samuel, 18, of the 4100 block of Annapolis Road, was charged with carrying a dangerous and deadly weapon, police said.

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