Fraud at Polls? No One CaresI don't know whether you heard...


July 09, 1995

Fraud at Polls? No One Cares

I don't know whether you heard it, but there was a long piercing wail recently when many of the voters in Maryland learned that they had been disenfranchised, that they had lost the right for their vote to count in an election.

We have all heard of the facts surrounding last November's election -- fraudulent voters, unsupervised voting machines, unapproved and secret voting locations, more votes counted in some precincts than there were registered voters, and direct violations of state law that required the purging of long-time inactive voters. (This law was designed to prevent the use of non-existent voters, and to guarantee integrity of the vote. What a joke that is.)

You might think that, with all these violations, some easy remedy was close at hand.

Think again.

The state's attorney has decided to represent the Baltimore City Election Board in its dispute with the State Election Board, despite his sworn oath to represent the people of Maryland in the prosecution of violators of state law. So much for the oath.

In response to the many law violations that seem very evident, the ready answer was, "So what"? And that's not bad enough.

Two different courts and judges have also shrugged off the protest of the people.

Like you, I don't know who is calling the shots or pulling the strings, but I do know that somehow or someway, enough voters will be found, manufactured or recorded to make my vote meaningless. All that needs to be known is how many votes are needed to control the result, and an hour or so to pull the strings.

OC So much for integrity. Ye-aah, Ye-aah, there went my franchise.

Fred C. Lange

White Hall

Relay for Life

The Harford County unit of the American Cancer Society would like to thank the local residents and surrounding business community for their support and participation in the recent Relay For Life event, which was held May 19 and 20 at Bel Air High School.

Despite threatening rains on Friday, May 19, the 24-hour Relay For Life began and ended with beautiful blue skies. The event proved to be a tremendous success, raising more than $24,000 for the Harford County unit of the American Cancer Society. Perhaps more importantly, the relay gave us the opportunity to ++ publicly recognize and support our many friends, family members and neighbors who have survived their battles against cancer.

This first-time event was truly a labor of love for all of the participating committee members who spent so many hours planning and organizing the relay. The American Cancer Society gratefully acknowledges and thanks those volunteers for their commitment and guidance, for without them, the relay would not have been a reality.

To successfully pull off an event like this one, the American Cancer Society needed to rely on the assistance of numerous merchants within the area. To those of you who donated items and financially supported the participating teams, thank you for your generosity and goodwill. Your contributions made a tremendous difference.

We would like to take this opportunity to extend special thanks to our sponsors for their support and belief in this project. Each sponsor chose to contribute to the relay in a different way, but they all believed in the significance of the event and in turn chose to support it in most gratifying manner.

First, our sincere gratitude and appreciation to William Ekey, principal of Bel Air High School and his exceptional staff for allowing the event to be held at Bel Air High. The Relay For Life committee members were accommodated by Bel Air High School in every way throughout the planning and executive of the event.

Special thanks also to Upper Chesapeake Health System and its management team for graciously providing the refreshments for the cancer survivor reception and for their long-term support of our committee members. This event took several months of planning and UCHS generously allowed committee members to meet on a regular basis at Fallston General Hospital.

Finally, we thank the Bel Air Athletic Club for its support. In addition to functioning as a financial sponsor of the event, the club also put together a participating team that raised more than $1,200. Kudos to Roger Ralph and his staff for their outstanding support of this community event.

To close, we would like to express our thanks to all of the cancer survivors and team participants who, by their very presence, made this event such a special one.

We will carry in our hearts memories of Friday evening's ceremonies -- the inspiration of seeing so many cancer survivors joining together to lead us in that first lap of the relay and the absolutely amazing sight of Bel Air High's track being illuminated by the light of almost 600 luminaries honoring those who have survived and remembering those who lost their battle against cancer.

Our only hope is that by holding this event others will gain hope that they, too, can become survivors.

Art Ayestas

Terri Dezell

Bel Air

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