75 Years Ago* A number of colored women of Anne Arundel...


July 09, 1995|By Robert M. Pennington of the Ann Arrundell County Historical Society.

75 Years Ago

* A number of colored women of Anne Arundel County have organized a permanent organization entitled the "Harding-Coolidge, Weller and Mudd League" to register colored women for the coming presidential election. -- The Sun, Sept. 18, 1920.

* Carl Dornbush, age 4, was killed by an exploding shell and three others injured during a sham battle at Camp Meade during a re-enactment of the World War I capture of Montfaucon by men of the 313th Infantry. Some 15,000 spectators were present. -- The Sun, Sept. 18, 1920.

* A group under former Lt. Ewing Easters of the Army Aviation Corps, plans to construct a hangar at the north end of the Severn River bridge and make flights carrying passengers as well as offering courses of instruction for prospective fliers as well as selling aircraft. -- The Sun, Sept. 19, 1920.

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