Bert Hardy, 82, whose photographs of war and life in...


July 07, 1995

Bert Hardy, 82, whose photographs of war and life in Britain in the 1940s and 1950s became black-and-white classics of photojournalism, died Monday of a heart attack in London, where he had photographed the Blitz, including life in the underground air raid shelters. He also covered the D-Day Allied landings in France, the liberation of Paris, the crossing of the Rhine and the Korean War.

Samuel K. Hoffman, i93, an engineer who directed development of liquid-fuel rocket engines that launched the nation's first satellite and moon-bound Apollo spacecraft, died June 26 in Santa Barbara, Calif. He received the American Rocket Society Robert Goddard Memorial Award in 1959. He retired in 1970.

Aziz Nesin, 80,a left-wing Turkish author and humorist who narrowly escaped a fire set in 1993 by Islamic extremists out to kill him for translating part of Salman Rushdie's "Satanic Verses," died of a heart attack yesterday in the Aegean coastal town of Cesme, where he had gone to sign his books.

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