Havre de Grace PTA Must Follow RulesI am writing this so...


July 02, 1995

Havre de Grace PTA Must Follow Rules

I am writing this so your readers understand that the issues concerning the Havre de Grace Elementary PTA have always been about ethics -- PTA members questioning the actions of an administration; not, as suggested in recent articles, a power play between a board member and a president.

The bylaws and charter of the Havre de Grace Elementary PTA have always been publicly displayed in the lobby of the school. Everyone, including children, is able to read the rules governing the PTA.

What message do we send our children when our leaders decide not to follow rules? Are we, as parents, as a community, telling them it is proper to adopt rules of order and conduct, but it is OK to break them or obey only those which serve our own, individual purposes? Are we telling them that breaking the law, whether they govern a non-profit corporation or a country, is acceptable?

Are we telling our children that checks and balances are a good concept, but in reality, we prefer a leader who does as he wishes without the consent of the people he represents? Are we telling them that they can do as they please, because we as adults do as we please?

As a former PTA member, it is sad to see an organization which has lobbied for the benefit of children and youth -- in their schools, home, community and places of worship -- used as an adjunct to local unions to voice union concerns.

If the leadership of the Havre de Grace Elementary PTA finds it difficult to follow the "letter of the law" as outlined in its own bylaws, then it should no longer be a PTA but a PTO with rules which they can easily manipulate to suit their needs.

Connie M. Daub

Havre de Grace

Edgewood Rumors

Last month, I graduated from Edgewood High School and I feel no shame in saying that Edgewood is my alma mater. The Edgewood schools, the high school in particular, have received much attention of late and in the past about the supposedly poor quality of education available there.

When I transferred to Edgewood two years ago, my parents and I heard rumors of racial problems, violence, drugs and other unpleasant things that allegedly take place at Edgewood High School. My parents had thoughts of sending me elsewhere, but after further investigation, they decided to send me to Edgewood. It was not long after I began attending the school that I realized the rumors we had heard were absolutely false. For parents who are terrified to send their children to Edgewood, I direct to you my observations.

Contrary to public opinion, Edgewood is a quality school with successful programs and students, and a professional staff. Edgewood is the only school in Harford County to have a mock trial team. Also, this year the academic team took second in the Baltimore area "Data Race" tournament. This summer, the entire science department is being renovated and will become a state-of-the-art facility. Finally, this year's senior class, which is one of the smallest in the country, earned more than $1.6 million in scholarship awards.

Edgewood was the only school in the county this year to have bands at both the State Marching Band Championship and the State Jazz Festival. Also, each year EHS puts on a full-fledged musical, complete with a pit orchestra and professional sound.

Edgewood sports teams receive their share of accolades, too. The basketball team has advanced to the state semi-finals in four of the last five years, including this year. Also, this year the baseball team tied for the county championships. A new stadium, track and other building projects have given Edgewood first-class athletic facilities.

Edgewood's student body proved its ability to behave and have fun at this year's school activities, which included a 3-on-3 basketball tournament and a rock concert. The activities were without incident.

As for the rumored racial problems, there are none. In my two years at Edgewood, I never once heard an inflammatory racial comment uttered. EHS has a diverse student body but the students are able to work together. Fighting at Edgewood is minimal and the rules are enforced. Also, I have never once been approached or seen anyone with drugs at school. Finally, the administrators and teachers at Edgewood are excellent. They are caring and act in the best interest of their students.

Of course, Edgewood High School is not all roses, but no school is. The bottom line is that there are good students, good teachers and good facilities at Edgewood. Don't heed the rumors about this or any other school. Visit yourself and ask the people who attend the school. If you were going to buy a Ford, you wouldn't ask a Chevy dealer. If I had listened to the rumors, I would have missed some of the best school experiences of my life.

John Smart


Bombing, Control

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