When young travelers must fly solo


June 24, 1995|By Donna Erickson | Donna Erickson,King Features Syndicate

Kids everywhere are on the go this summer. For many young travelers, that may mean flying alone. If you're like many parents, you'll find sending a preteen or teen on a solo journey isn't so easy the first time.

Here are some basic tips to help ensure a safe and enjoyable flight:

* Request a guide brochure for unaccompanied children and teens from your airline, which outlines rules and helpful safety tips.

* Flight attendant Julia Applegate of Northwest Airlines reminds parents to be attentive to every detail of their child's itinerary, including making sure the child gets on the correct plane.

* Remind your child that it is OK to ask a flight attendant to review the personal safety demonstration for them. Your child may also request to be moved if seated beside someone he/she is not comfortable with.

* Pack an activity bag full of diversions.

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