June 21, 1995|By SAKalinch

this week

on tuesday afternoon

2b precise

a neon green GrassHopper

antennae twice as long as he

perched like an ornament

atop the champagne-colored hood

of my tercel

he stood transfixed four

long & curving miles

til underneath a pine tree

at the outermost corner

of the small shopping center's

blacktop lot

we stopped aslant three spots

I hopped out to the hood

& coaxed the bug onto a business card

I saw a glint of red along the green

as whiskers twitched

& tentatively


six spindly threadlike egs

ever so gingerly

released their suction grip

on the tercel

& mounted ivory stock

a short air portage

to the waiting pine

which sharply verdant needles



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