Proposal would end sports 'shopping'

June 21, 1995

County students who participate in interscholastic athletics would be required to attend the school in the area where their parents or legal guardians live under a policy the school board is to consider tonight.

Students who transferred to schools but whose parents haven't moved would be ineligible to participate in sports for a year under the policy.

"This is intended to prevent someone from shopping for athletic programs," said Darren Burns, the superintendent's staff attorney.

The board will meet at 7:30 p.m. at the school system's headquarters on Riva Road in Annapolis.

The board also is expected to take another look at Superintendent Carol S. Parham's reorganization plan.

The board approved the plan, which reduces the number of directors who oversee groups of schools from six to four, this year but balked this month when it was asked to appoint four people to fill the positions.

The board will not address a parent group's request that some schools be allowed to require students to wear uniforms or a revised teacher evaluation plan.

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