3 men charged with indecent exposure

June 09, 1995

Police arrested three men on charges of indecent exposure Wednesday in Queenstown Park, officials said.

Officer Robert Creech had gone to the park in the 600 block of Queenstown Road wearing civilian clothes. About 12:20 p.m., while walking in the woods, he saw a man engaged in a sexual activity, police said. Officer Creech identified himself and arrested the man.

Later, Officer Creech arrested two other men engaging in a sexual activity in the woods near the back of the park, police said.

Robert Glenn Holman, 51, of the 1400 block of Columbia Beach Road in Shadyside, Albert Timothy Finley, 45, of the 5200 block of Caroline Circle in Waldorf and Warren Vincent Simering, 37, of the 5500 block of Ashbourne Road in Arbutus were charged with indecent exposure.

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