Jet ski stolen from man's pierTwo men used a boat to get...

June 07, 1995

Jet ski stolen from man's pier

Two men used a boat to get to the shore of Park Creek Monday morning and steal a Pasadena man's $7,375 jet ski from his pier, county police said.

David Arthur Slosman, 43, told police he awoke about 2:30 a.m. when he heard two men's voices outside. He looked through his window and noticed that his 1995 Yamaha Wave Venture jet ski was missing from the pier, police said.

Mr. Slosman went to his pier and heard a boat. After making out the boat's red and green lights in the dark, he returned to his house to get the keys to his boat so that he could follow the thieves. He searched Park Creek with his boat for 20 to 30 minutes but could not find the other boat, police said.

The thieves had walked along the shoreline to Mr. Slosman's pier and lowered the jet ski from its lift. Police found their footprints in the sand.

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