Christopher Reeve hurt in horse-jumping eventWhile...


May 29, 1995

Christopher Reeve hurt in horse-jumping event

While engaging in a horse jumping competition Saturday, Christopher Reeve was thrown from his steed and wound up in the hospital.

Mr. Reeve, 42, was approaching the third jump of a 15-jump course when "something spooked the horse," said Monk Reynolds, owner of Commonwealth Park in Culpeper, Va. "His horse just stopped dead and threw him."

Mr. Reeve, best known for his performances in the "Superman" movies, appeared to suffer a neck injury and was carried off the field on a stretcher. He was admitted to the University of Virginia Medical Center in Charlottesville, where he was listed in stable condition, according to his publicist.

Mr. Reeve was competing with about 300 others in the dressage and horse-jumping event when the accident happened.

Don't shoot Larry King, he's just the 'infotainer'

Larry King, the hyper-solicitous host of CNN's "Larry King Live," talks back in the June 3 issue of TV Guide to critics who say he's a lightweight interviewer who specializes in lobbing softball questions.

Leave journalism to the journalists, he says, "I'm an infotainer."

Mr. King, whose eponymous gab show has been on the air for a decade now, says he doesn't worry that critics say he avoids tough questions. "I never said I was a journalist," he says. "I'm a conduit. I'm not here to judge people."

Oldman to direct film based on his youth

Gary Oldman, the brooding British actor who won kudos for his star turn in "Bram Stoker's Dracula," intends to make his directorial debut with a story based on his youth growing up in a dreary South London suburb.

Mr. Oldman, 37, had a tough childhood. His father, a welder, disappeared when he was 7. And he has said he took up acting to avoid the only other occupations in his neighborhood: police officer or villain.

"Gary got tired of seeing in British films a description of the suburbs that wasn't at all like the reality he lived through," French filmmaker Luc Besson, who will produce the film, told Le Film Francais magazine.

Last year, Mr. Besson directed Mr. Oldman in "The Professional," in which the actor played a drug cop gone bad. Mr. Oldman has also starred in "Immortal Beloved."

A barefoot walk down the aisle for Etheridge?

Melissa Etheridge, the blues-belting rock and roller who walked off with the Grammy for best female rock vocal performance for her single "Come To My Window," is pondering marriage and children with her significant other.

The singer told Rolling Stone that she and her partner, Julie Cypher, talk a lot about holding a wedding ceremony.

"I think it will be barefoot. And we'll both wear dresses," she said. "But it won't be traditional."


Comedian Bob Hope is 92. Former Baseball Commissioner Fay Vincent is 57. Race car driver Al Unser Sr. is 56. Actor Helmut Berger is 51. Actor Anthony Geary is 47. Actress Annette Bening is 37. Actress Lisa Whelchel is 32.

Llama lovey-dovey

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