Tennis notes from all over, cont'd. In the recent Davis...


April 30, 1995

Tennis notes from all over, cont'd. In the recent Davis Cup Asia/Ocean Zone Group III championships in Dubai:

Kuwait shut out Syria, 3-0; Brunei edged Oman, 2-1; Bahrain squeezed by Kazakhstan, 2-1; Pacific Oceana humbled Lebanon, 2-1; Saudi Arabia routed Jordan 3-0; and Bangladesh buried United Arab Emirates, 3-0.


* * *

READY FOR a noontime "power lunch"? Want to talk business deals over a meal?

If you do it at the biggest "power lunch" place in town, don't expect to dine on a traditional meat-and-potatoes fare. No, the Center Club, that high-rise bastion of corporate schmoozing over a meal, has joined the health-conscious trend.

On a recent visit, just one item on the menu contained meat -- the all-purpose hamburger. Every other item was a salad, fish or seafood. Quite proper for a seafaring town and a club with a smashing view of the harbor.

* * *

IS THE "potato gun," or "spud chucker," the new suburban toy, or just a long-standing, societal oddity that had escaped our watch?

A colleague has been treated to two recent demonstrations from two unrelated parties, guys in their 30s who live in the countryside.

The simple guns, more like bazookas, are made with supplies from a hardware store. Stuff half a potato in the top, or some similarly hard yet malleable edible, ignite the gun and watch the foodstuff fly 60, 70, maybe even 80 yards through the air.

One of the potato gunners, who has written about his exploits, says three dozen people have relayed potato gun stories to him since he first reported on his creation earlier this year. He believes the invention has been around -- apparently in the rural underground -- for years.

As for the thrill and motivation of such an activity, well, to each his own. It must be the same primeval instincts that make paint-pellet guerrilla games a popular diversion.

Allegedly an attorney looked into the activity and determined nothing inherently illegal about it. Even so, some observers feel these Idaho Russet Rambos are a bit odd. At the least it can be said they have a good bit of time on their hands.

* * *

The following correction ran in the New York Times:

"Because of a transcription error, an article yesterday about Senator Alfonse M. D'Amato's remarks about Judge Lance A. Ito misquoted the Senator at one point in some editions. In his conversation with the radio host Don Imus, he said, 'I mean, this is a disgrace, Judge Ito will be well known.' He did not say, 'Judge Ito with the wet nose'."

It proves some folks hear what they want to hear.

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