4-H speaking contest winners named

April 30, 1995

The Carroll County 4-H program recently held its annual Public Speaking Contest, in which members competed in three categories.

The purpose of the contest is to teach 4-H members to express themselves effectively and to inform others about various topics. Categories were prepared speech, extemporaneous speech 30- or 60-second radio/public address spots.

Winners in prepared speech were:

* Clovers (participation ribbon): Kelly Bassler, Alexis Becker, Sandy Bolm, Chelsea Brulinski, Kristopher Buckler, Colleen Kazaras, Jaimie Lippy, Jeanea Rinehart, Sarah Weisse and Tara Wilhelm.

* Junior: Champion -- Blair Mersinger, Michael Utz; 1st Reserve Champion -- Rebecca Fouts; 2nd Reserve Champion -- Nicole Jordan; Blue Ribbon -- Rachel Alford, Katie Bassler, Miriam Beard, Corey Becker, Kimmy Bosley, Sharon Bowen, Jennifer Gehret, Hillary Geiman, Danielle Hess, Kim Holland, Allison Kazaras, Jim Malachowski, Maryann Petkovsek, Heather Slivecky, Anna Warner and Stephanie Wilhelm; Red Ribbon -- Bridget Buchman, Steve Cherneski, Stephanie Crumbaugh.

* Intermediate: Champion -- Amy Petkovsek, Jeena Rinehart; 1st Reserve Champion -- Jennifer Lippy; 2nd Reserve Champion -- Danielle Wilmsen; Blue Ribbon -- Jessica Boyd, Rebecca Bradley, Katie Domer, Laura Fisher, Matthew Geiman, Lauren Hess, Sarah Kopp, Brandy Malachowski, Stephanie Meushaw, Christina Ramirez, Jenny Stewart and Heather Weisse; Red Ribbon -- DJ Brown, John Cherneski, Tim Judge, James Miller, Christopher Painter.

* Senior: Champion -- Rebecca Dowsley, Tammy Robrecht; 1st Reserve Champion, Amanda Tracey; 2nd Reserve Champion, Amanda Boyd; Blue Ribbon -- Ross Bair, Reba Cherneski, Amy Davidson, Rachel Dyky and Daisie Tasto; Red Ribbon -- Doug Cherneski and Debbie Caldwell.

Extemporaneous speech winners were:

* Junior: Champion -- Blair Mersinger, Heather Withnell; 1st Reserve Champion, Jim Malachowski; 2nd Reserve Champion, Stephanie Crumbaugh.

* Intermediate: Champion -- Laura Gibson, Heather Weisse; 1st Reserve Champion, Jeremy Withnell; 2nd Reserve Champion, Danielle Wilmsen; Blue Ribbon -- Lindsey Bream, Sam Chamelin, Jennifer Crumbaugh, Andrea Drzewianowski, Stephanie Meushaw, James Miller, Jenni Moore, Amy Petkovsek, Christina Ramirez, Jeena Rinehart and Adriane Zanti; Red Ribbon -- Stephanie Buckler, Lindsay Burda, John Cherneski, Jacques Gachot, Brandy Malachowski, Christopher Painter, Carla Ramirez and Deanna Scott.

TC * Senior: Champion -- Amy Davidson, Kelly Kreamer; 1st Reserve Champion -- Rebecca Dowsley; 2nd Reserve Champion -- Tammy Robrecht; Blue Ribbon -- Reba Cherneski, Kristin Myers and Jeff Painter; Red Ribbon -- Doug Cherneski, Amanda Holland and Stephanie Wilmsen.

Radio/public address winners were:

* Junior: Champion -- Emily Chamelin, Angela Rasche; 1st Reserve Champion, Jim Malachowski; 2nd Reserve Champion, Stephanie Crumbaugh; Blue Ribbon -- Christian Bassler, Jennifer Gehret, Danielle Hess, Paul Hester and Anna Warner.

* Intermediate: Champion -- Laura Gibson, Amy Petkovsek; 1st Reserve Champion -- Lauren Hess; 2nd Reserve Champion -- Renata Ramonda; Blue Ribbon -- Emily Bassler, Jessica Bassler, Sam Chamelin, Jennifer Crumbaugh, Emily Hester, Jessica Hester, Jenni Moore, Christopher Painter, Heather Weisse, Danielle Wilmsen, Jeremy Withnell, Adriane Zanti and Sarah Zimmerman; Red Ribbon -- Nicole Bell, Jacques Gachot, Kelly Gachot, Steve Lee, James Miller and Christina Ramirez.

* Senior: Champion -- Jessica Fritz, Cheryl Owings; 1st Reserve Champion, Amy Davidson; 2nd Reserve Champion, Tammy Robrecht; Blue Ribbon -- Jessica Herbert; Red Ribbon -- Nevin Domer.

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