Md. homebuilders group presents prizes for 1994

April 30, 1995

Ryland Homes took top honors with four Awards of Excellence and two Silver Merit Awards when the Sales and Marketing Council of the Home Builders Association of Maryland presented its 1994 awards to Baltimore-area firms Monday at the Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall.

Williamsburg Builders, Hallmark Builders and Patriot Homes, companion companies founded by Chip Lundy, garnered three Awards of Excellence and two Silver Merit Awards.

Yearly sales awards went to: Terry Riley, Ryan Homes, Single-Family Attached; Sandra Martchek, Ryan Homes, Single-Family Detached; Craig Greif, Builder's 1st Choice, Multifamily and Sales Excellence Award; Janet Flaherty, Aoki Homes, Multiple Product; Dionne Washington, Builder's 1st Choice, Rookie; and Sharon McKeown, Ryan Homes, Manager.

Single-family detached

* $169,999 and under: The Dover, Ryland Homes, Gunpowder Pointe, Joppa.

* $170,000-$189,999: The Avalon, Brockton Homes Inc., Avalon Cove at Long Bar Harbor, Abingdon.

* $190,000-$209,999: The Armistead, Dorsey Family Homes, Honey Hill, Sykesville.

* $210,000-$234,999: The Bradley, Ryland Homes, Country Walk, Bel Air.

* $235,000-$269,999: The Carlisle, Ryland Homes, Country Walk, Bel Air.

* $270,000-$299,999: The Chelsea, Clark Turner Homes, Woodholme, Elkton.

* $300,000-$349,999: The Avondale, Ryland Homes, The Trails at Woodlot, Columbia.

* $350,000-$399,999: The Foxwood, Hallmark Builders Inc., Russett, Laurel.

* $400,000 and over: The Sawyer Creek, Goodier Builders Inc., Pointers Run, Columbia.


* $99,999 & under: The Stratton, Pulte Home Corp., Timbergrove, Reisterstown.

* $100,000-$109,999: The Austin, Aoki Homes, Foxridge at McDonogh, Foxridge.

* $110,000 and over: The Devonshire, Foundation Homes, English Country Manor, Bel Air.

Custom homes

* $244,999 and under: The Nantucket, Catonsville Builders Inc., Clubhouse Overlook, Ellicott City.

* $300,000-$399,999: Private Residence, Lynch Builders Inc., Michael's Meadow, Forest Hill.

* $400,000-$449,999: The John Christian, Altieri Homes Inc., Cattail Creek, Glenwood.

* $450,000-$499,999: The Rosen Residence, The Herbert J. Siegel Organization, Helmsley Court, Pikesville.

* $500,000-$749,999: The Gleason Residence, Williamsburg Builders Inc., The Preserve, Ellicott City.

* $750,000 and over: Kawiya Manor, Merkel Construction, Burnside Farm.

Single-family attached

* $99,999 and under: The Arundel, Adwin Reality Co., Courts at Southfields, Elkton.

* $100,000-$119,999: The Carroll II, Pulte Home Corp., Parkview Crossing, Baltimore.

* $120,000-$139,999: The Maguire, Thomas Builders, Persimmon Park, Owings Mills.

* $140,000-$169,999: The Ashton, Columbia Builders Inc., Clary's Forest, Columbia.

* $170,000-$199,999: The Sutton II, Trafalgar House Residential Maryland, Arborside, Columbia.

* $200,000 and over: The Roland, Williamsburg Builders Inc., The Cloisters, Baltimore.


4 The following are a list of Silver Merit Awards:

Single-family detached

* $170,000-$189,999: The Hudson, Ryland Homes, Gunpowder Pointe, Joppa.

* $210,000-$234,999: The Paul Revere, Patriot Homes, Quail Run, Severn.

* $270,000-$299,999: The Bradley, Ryland Homes, The Trails at Woodlot, Columbia.

* $400,000 and over: The Barrington Manor II, Williamsburg Builders Inc., Triadelphia Woods, Ellicott City.

Custom homes

* $244,999 and under: Hindman Residence, James H. Selfridge Builders Inc., Finksburg.

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