Fort Holabird workers raise funds for survivors OKLAHOMA CITY BOMBING

April 29, 1995

In the days since the Oklahoma City bombing, employees of the Defense Investigative Service at Fort Holabird have been filling a plastic pretzel jar with money to send to the families of five agency workers lost in the explosion.

So far, they've collected $1,100, plus $1,200 from the sale of ribbons of remembrance -- clusters of yellow, white, blue and purple strands similar to those worn by President and Mrs. Clinton at last Sunday's memorial service in Oklahoma City.

When the idea of selling the ribbons was proposed, William A. Hughes, the DIS chief in Baltimore, thought it was great, according to Susan Marshall, a project manager at the Baltimore center. Although the 450 employees at Fort Holabird have never worked with their lost colleagues from the Oklahoma City office, the contributions rolled in, she said.

"The majority of our people, all they know is these are fellow DIS employees," Ms. Marshall said. "We feel a connection out there to them."

The DIS had an office on the third floor of the federal building in Oklahoma City. So far, only one of the five missing DIS employees has been found, Special Agent in Charge Robert G. Westberry, who was killed in the blast.

Still unaccounted for are Agents Peter DeMastera, Harley Cottingham and Larry Turner and secretary Norma Johnson.

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