Endorsements for Taneytown Races

April 28, 1995

Despite its remote location in the northwest corner of Carroll County, Taneytown has experienced an explosion of residential growth in recent years. The major tasks facing the town government are developing the public services to accommodate this influx of people, rejuvenating the town's old commercial district and ensuring that new commercial development outside the town's center enhances, rather than detracts from, the local quality of life.

Taneytown's elected officials will also have to choose a new town manager. In less than four years, Taneytown has had three town managers. This turnover in day-to-day management has had a disruptive effect on Taneytown's 16 employees. Selecting a town manager will be a priority for the new mayor and the council.

Two years ago, residents had no choice on election day but to affirm the basic direction of town government. Three members of the town council ran unopposed. This year, a whole new set of faces will move into elected positions because residents will be electing a new mayor and filling two vacant seats on the five-member council.

Mayor Henry I. Reindollar Jr.'s decision not to run for a fifth term has drawn four candidates for Taneytown's top office: W. Robert Flickinger and Henry C. Heine Jr., who currently serve on the town council, and George W. Dodson Sr. and Kevin D. Williams, who have been active in community affairs but have yet to hold elective office.

During his tenure as a councilman, Mr. Heine has been a pragmatic presence on the council. He has good organizational skills and has advocated sensible solutions to town problems. Mr. Heine also understands the need for the town to develop a strategic plan to deal with growth and aging infrastructure.

Mr. Dodson and Mr. Williams have yet to demonstrate they can occupy leadership positions. And while Mr. Flickinger has contributed his time and energy to community affairs. He has been been active in town beautification projects and chaired the town's tree committee, we view Mr. Heine as the best candidate for mayor.

In the council race, first-time office-seekers John M. Contestabile, Brian M. Etzler and Clarence E. Ruby are running for the two empty seats. The Sun's nod goes to John M. Contestabile and Brian M. Etzler.

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