April 27, 1995|By George Neff Lucas

In Mac's mourning-after memoir

The brightest were dumbest by far;

Their going all-in

Where we shouldn't have been

Left us with a wall-to-wall scar.

* *

Though little remembered or noted,

This Clinton quote should be re-quoted:

If not for arrears

In Republican years,

Today's budgets wouldn't be bloated.

* *

Insisting I'm still in my prime

And fit to be president, I'm

The Dole you all know

All ready to go

Up or down for that dreaded third time.

* * *

Celebrating their Contract in kind,

Though few of its blitz bills were signed,

House Republicans made

A Hill circus parade --

Pachyderms and what they leave behind.

* * *

"I'll see you in court" was a way

of making a miscreant pay

But when they put ceilings

On plaintiffs' hurt feelings,

It won't be the same sUe S.A.

* * *

The people whose aim is to get lands

Want no regulation of wetlands;

For developers' gain,

There goes the food chain

From what we'll be calling regret lands.

* * *

Acts of Congress we soon can replace

With news of a new pennant race;

Take me out to the game

But it won't be the same --

We fans never got to first base.

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