Students working to keep bay clean

April 26, 1995

Two South Carroll High School students are working to help keep the Chesapeake Bay clean by protecting a wetlands area behind the school in Winfield.

Ilisa Pyatt and Brian Booz led a group of students Friday in constructing two projects designed to decrease erosion around a stream that runs through a wooded area in South Carroll.

Brian's project was the construction of a drainage system designed to displace the spring water that fills a trail near the stream. Sediment from the trail runs into the stream and to the bay. His drainage system included a 4-inch drainage pipe, gravel, wood chips and trenches built to expand the spring to accommodate the drainage. The material will be made to flow into dry wells beside the trail where it will percolate into the ground.

Ilisa's project involved the building of a 36-by-4-foot walkway over a section of trail where a spring flows downhill to the stream. Sediment is deposited in the stream from exces

sive public use. The walkway is designed to reduce the amount of sediment entering the stream.

The walkway was made to be accessible to disabled people.

The two students had another reason for undertaking the the project: Brian hopes to earn his Eagle Scout Award and Ilisa her Girl Scout Gold Award.

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