Woman, 31, is abducted, then drugged and raped

April 24, 1995|By Marcia Myers | Marcia Myers,Sun Staff Writer

State police are searching for an unidentified man who they say abducted a Baltimore County woman on her way to work Saturday, forced her to drive until her car ran out of gas, then raped her in a wooded area of Harford County.

Police said he drugged the woman, then apparently knocked her unconscious with a bottle before raping her.

The woman was unable to provide a detailed description of the masked assailant, police said.

"She didn't recognize his voice; it appears he was someone she doesn't know," said Tfc. Eugene Domico of the Criminal Investigation Division of the Maryland State Police. "Once he got her to the scene, it apparently was a very violent attack. She's bruised, has a lot of scrapes, lacerations. She appeared to have been battered."

About six hours after losing consciousness, she awoke naked on the outskirts of the Bata Shoe Co. complex about four miles south of Aberdeen, police said. She dressed and caught the attention of a passing motorist, who helped her contact police.

Police know of no suspects, Trooper Domico said.

The woman described her assailant as 6 feet tall, 180 pounds and with a deep voice. She was unable to determine his race. He wore a dark shirt and pants, leather boots, gloves and a dark ski mask, she told police.

Investigators recovered the woman's car at the spot where it ran out of gas.

According to Trooper Domico, the 31-year-old sales representative left her apartment off Holabird Avenue in Dundalk about 8 a.m. Saturday, stopping at a nearby 7-Eleven to buy a pack of cigarettes.

A few minutes later, as she continued north on Merritt Boulevard past the Towns Center Shopping Center, the man rose from the back seat and jabbed an object into her side. Police said it is unclear whether he was in the car when she left her home or had climbed in during her stop at the convenience store.

Police said he ordered her to continue driving and she obeyed. Police said they drove for at least 30 minutes -- steering onto the Beltway, then north on Interstate 95, and east on Route 543.

"She told him the car was almost out of gas, so he instructed her to pull into a shopping center that had a gas station," the officer said.

But instead of filling up the car, the assailant ordered the woman to take a pill. She does not know what kind of drug it was. That done, the abductor told her to drive on.

The car finally ran out of gas at the shoe plant, off U.S. 40.

The woman, by then woozy and drowsy from the drug, was led to a wooded area on the outskirts of the plant and about a third of a mile from the car. The assailant then struck her in the head with what she believes was a bottle.

She lost consciousness and he raped her, police said.

When she came to, about six hours later, she discovered her clothing strewn about the ground. After dressing, she walked to U.S. 40 and flagged a passer-by, who took her to a telephone. She was treated at Harford Memorial Hospital and released.

Trooper Domico last night said police had gathered a fair amount of evidence from the grounds of the shoe plant, including the glass bottle they believe the assailant used to strike the woman.

"We collected an awful lot of stuff -- hair, things like that," he said.

He said police still do not know what type of drug the woman was given.

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