Rounds 2 And 3 Nfl Draft

April 23, 1995

Second round

33. New York Jets (from Jacksonville), Matt O'Dwyer, g, Northwestern; 34. San Diego (from Carolina), Terrance Shaw, db, Stephen F. Austin; 35. Houston, Anthony Cook, dt, South Carolina State;

36. Carolina (from Cincinnati), Shawn King, de, Northeast Louisiana; 37. Washington, Cory Raymer, c, Wisconsin; 38. St. Louis, Zack Wiegert, ot, Nebraska; 39. Seattle, Christian Fauria, te, Colorado; 40. Jacksonville (from New York Jets), Brian DeMarco, ot, Michigan State;

41. Atlanta (from Tampa Bay through Dallas), Ronald Davis, db, Tennessee; 42. Minnesota (from Denver), Orlanda Thomas, db, Southwestern Louisiana; 43. Tampa Bay (from Philadelphia), Melvin Johnson, db, Kentucky; 44. New Orleans, Ray Zellars, fb, Notre Dame; 45. Buffalo, Todd Collins, qb, Michigan;

46. Dallas (from Atlanta), Sherman Williams, rb, Alabama; 47. Arizona, Frank Sanders, wr, Auburn; 48. Indianapolis, Ken Dilger, te, Illinois; 49. Los Angeles, Barret Robbins, c, Texas Christian; 50. Philadelphia (from Kansas City), Bobby Taylor, db, Notre Dame;

51. San Diego (from Detroit), Terrell Fletcher, rb, Wisconsin; 52. Chicago, Patrick Riley, dt, Miami; 53. Miami (from Green Bay), Andrew Greene, g, Indiana; 54. New York Giants, Scott Gragg, ot, Montana; 55. Minnesota, Corey Fuller, db, Florida State;

56. Chicago (from Miami), Todd Sauerbrun, p, West Virginia; 57. New England, Ted Johnson, lb, Colorado; 58. Philadelphia (from Cleveland), Barrett Brooks, ot, Kansas State; 59. Dallas, Kendall Watkins, te, Mississippi State; 60. Pittsburgh, Kordell Stewart, qb, Colorado;

61. San Diego, Jimmy Oliver, wr, Texas Christian; 62. San Francisco, Jesse James, g, Mississippi State; 63. Dallas (from x-Philadelphia through Tampa Bay), Shane Hannah, g, Michigan State; Carolina forfeited selection; 64. Jacksonville, Bryan Schwartz, lb, Augustana, S.D.

Third round

65. Green Bay (from Carolina), Darius Holland, dt, Colorado; 66. Green Bay (from Jacksonville), William Henderson, fb, North Carolina; 67. Houston, Chris Sanders, wr, Ohio State; 68. Washington, Darryl Pounds, cb, Nicholls State; 69. Cincinnati, Melvin Tuten, ot, Syracuse; 70. Detroit (from St. Louis), David Sloan, te, New Mexico;

71. Jacksonville (from New York Jets), Chris Hudson, db, Colorado; 72. Philadelphia (from Tampa Bay), Greg Jefferson, de, Central Florida; 73. Green Bay (from Seattle), Brian Williams, lb, Southern California; 74. New England (from Philadelphia), Curtis Martin, rb, Pittsburgh; 75. New Orleans, Mike Verstegen, ot, Wisconsin;

76. Buffalo, Marlon Kerner, db, Ohio State; 77. Atlanta, Lorenzo Styles, lb, Ohio State; 78. Philadelphia (from Denver), Chris T. Jones, wr, Miami; 79. Indianapolis, Zack Crockett, fb, Florida State; 80. Arizona, Stoney Case, qb, New Mexico;

81. Kansas City, Tamarick Vanover, wr, Florida State; 82. St. Louis (from Detroit), Steve McLaughlin, k, Arizona; 83. Chicago, Sean Harris, lb, Arizona; 84. Cleveland (from Green Bay), Eric Zeier, qb, Georgia; 85. New York Giants, Rodney Young, db, LSU;

86. Los Angeles, Joe Aska, rb, Central State, Okla; 87. Chicago (from Miami), Evan Pilgrim, g, Brigham Young; 88. New England, Jimmy Hitchcock, db, North Carolina; 89. Houston (from Minnesota), Rodney Thomas, rb, Texas A&M; 90. Green Bay (from Cleveland), Antonio Freeman, wr, Virginia Tech;

PTC 91. Pittsburgh, Brenden Stai, g, Nebraska; 92. Dallas, Charlie Williams, db, Bowling Green; 93. San Diego, Don Sasa, dt, Washington State; 94. Cleveland (from San Francisco), Mike Frederick, de, Virginia; 95. x-Houston, Torey Hunter, db, Washington State;

96. x-Buffalo, Damien Covington, lb, North Carolina State; 97. Kansas City (from Jacksonville), Troy Dumas, lb, Nebraska; 98. San Diego (from Carolina), Preston Harrison, lb, Ohio State.

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