From The Sun April 23-29, 1845* April 23: Cumberland...


April 23, 1995|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun April 23-29, 1845

* April 23: Cumberland Allegany (Md.) newspaper announces the feat of a lady in the grass growing region, who presented her husband with a boy, weighing twenty and a half pounds at birth!

* April 28: The elms, which have put forth their beautiful foliage, should receive the early attention of those interested in their preservation. We noticed on Saturday some person engaged in throwing tobacco juice over them. This is said to be the most effectual destroyer of worms and bugs.

From The Sun April 23-29, 1895

* April 25: A convention of colored people from various sections ++ of Maryland began yesterday at Samaritan Temple, corner of Calvert and Saratoga streets. It is held pursuant to a call of the secretary of the National Equal Rights Council for the purpose of forming a State council in Maryland.

* April 26: The second annual race for the Maryland Hunt Cup will be run tomorrow at 4 p.m., starting from a field in front of Hampton Gate, above Towson.

From The Sun April 23-29, 1945

* April 23: The 3d Service Command yesterday warned young men against initialing their jackets, shirts and other wearing apparel with the letters "PW," particularly near the prisoner-of-war camps and in areas where prisoners are working.

* April 25: Constance Moore has a leading role in the "Earl Carroll Vanities," which opens today at the Mayfair Theater.

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