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April 20, 1995

Awful forms intimidate taxpayers

If the 104th Congress is serious about getting government off the backs of citizens and eliminating or simplifying paperwork, why, oh why, did it not begin with that monstrosity visited upon millions of U.S. citizens for innumerable years, federal income tax forms?

I just finished preparing my 1994 tax returns and find myself, as I have for some 40 years, shaking my head in disbelief and frustration that supposedly intelligent, reasonable and moral people could devise a system and forms that are so complex and incomprehensible that a person of above-average intelligence and education has great difficulty completing them.

For example: To make this task "simpler and easier," these forms inform me, I am provided by federal and state agencies with two booklets totaling some 90 pages of instructions.

I am also told that for my particular situation, the average time required to complete my return is some 18 hours.

That, of course, is assuming I don't need to complete any of the other 29 forms listed on page 35 of the federal booklet or go to the library to get any of the 22 publications also listed, all of which will make this task "simpler and easier."

In case I would need to complete all of those forms, the average time required would be an additional 38 hours. And that does not include the time required for preparing state income tax returns.

Need I go on? The system is out of control.

I dislike demonizing, but I wonder if some virus has invaded the minds of Congress, to create the laws governing taxation, and the Internal Revenue Service, to convince us that this system and these forms are "simple and easy" and even beneficial. Even worse, that virus seems to have paralyzed the minds of citizens like me who have, year after year, allowed this invasion of our time without a word of protest, perpetuating the system to the next generation.

Careful as I am, I am never entirely sure that I have filled out all the forms properly and accurately.

When I read the veiled threats in the instruction booklets and recall some of the horror stories of what might happen to people who complain about the IRS, I am usually cowed into silence for another year.

This year I am speaking out. Is anyone listening?

Margie Ashe


Bhutto is a friend

Our fearless leaders forget Pakistan was our friend during the Cold War and the war in Afghanistan. Uncle Sam deals with India, which not only has nuclear weapons but is also developing ballistic missiles.

Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto is seeking a military balance with India. She is asking us to apply sanctions equally to both nations. Ms. Bhutto also suggests that the United States should offer to mediate the conflict over the province of Kashmir in order to prevent a future war.

If common sense were more common, our politicians would lift the Pressler amendment which bans U.S. arms sales to Pakistan.

Our government donates a fortune to North Korea to persuade its leaders to stop its development of nuclear weapons. We also do business with China, which is a cruel communist nation.

Many of your readers believe Uncle Sam should stop rewarding our enemies and punishing our friends.

Joseph Lerner


Silent world

I read with interest the April 16 feature article describing the life and death of Charlie Christensen, the hearing impaired individual who was recently murdered.

The article served to enlighten those who never gave thought of what it would be like to be unable to hear or speak.

As one who is dating a hearing impaired person, I can relate to the daily obstacles Mr. Christensen endured throughout his life. The day-to-day communication most of us take for granted is TC constant struggle for the deaf.

A night out at the movie theater or listening to the radio are just a few of life's pleasures hearing impaired people cannot enjoy.

Understanding and engaging in conversation with others is very difficult without someone to assist in interpreting what is being said.

Misunderstandings in conversations occur often. Being deaf isolates individuals from the mainstream and breeds frustration and loneliness.

I do hope the killers of Mr. Christensen are brought to justice. The best punishment for them would not be prison, but instead to make them deaf for the rest of their lives.

Only then could they experience just how maddening it is to live in a world of silence.

James D. Brown


Purchases of Guns

I was surprised, but pleased, to see The Sun chronicle, on the front page yet, the failure of the gun-control laws to curtail straw purchases of firearms (March 26).

Surprise! Gun-control laws hassle law-abiding citizens but don't deter criminals.

If a criminal wants a gun, he gets a gun, either outside the law or, according to this article, inside the law.

The only gun-control laws that have a history of success against crime are the lenient gun-carry laws of Florida and some other states. Too bad Maryland is not so enlightened.

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