Mary Bingham, 90, matriarch of a family that built a...


April 20, 1995

Mary Bingham, 90, matriarch of a family that built a Louisville, Ky., publishing empire, and was then torn apart by it, died Tuesday night after collapsing during a Rotary toast in her honor. Her son, Barry Bingham Jr., said his mother apparently suffered a massive heart attack. Nine years ago, her family was split by a bitter and public conflict that resulted in the sale of the Bingham media empire, the cornerstone of which was the Courier-Journal, the Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper known for its liberal positions.

Arturo Frondizi, 86, former president of Argentina who tried to mend fences between Cuba and the United States before the Cuban missile crisis, died Tuesday in Buenos Aires.

John E. Howard, 70, one of the three Los Angeles County prosecutors who won conviction of Sirhan Sirhan in Robert F. Kennedy's assassination, died Monday of cancer in Los Angeles.

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