Road access granted for condo plan

April 19, 1995|By Donna E. Boller | Donna E. Boller,Sun Staff Writer

A developer who wants to build 156 condominiums in Eldersburg for retired people will be allowed direct access to and from Liberty Road.

The county planning commission overrode the opposition of County Commissioner Richard T. Yates -- who sits on the planning board -- and concerns of county planners about possible problems with crossover traffic.

Developer Rosario D. "Tony" Rizzo sought approval for 156 units and Route 26 access before drawing up plans for a condo development, to be called Winifred Manor. He is considering building on 12 acres south of Liberty Road and east of Monroe Avenue, a site that lacks access except to the highway.

Three blocks from Winifred Manor, Mr. Rizzo is building Marvin Gardens, 55 retirement homes on Marvin Avenue. He told the county board of zoning appeals in January that the first project showed him that demand exists for retirement housing.

The State Highway Administration is obligated to approve the proposed street because the property has no other access, said Gene R. Straub, assistant district traffic engineer. "We by law must provide them access unless we or the county buys out the property, and I don't think we're in a position to do that," Mr. Straub said.

The planning commission required the developer to provide an alternate access for emergencies and to reserve part of the property for a planned street that would open onto Monroe Avenue. But members said it would be unfair to delay the development while waiting for the county government to acquire rights of way.

Planning board members will ask the county commissioners to give the street priority. But Commissioner Yates said it appeared to him that the developer had not tried hard enough to acquire neighboring property to gain access to a county road.

"Why don't you go through Carroll Highlands?" Mr. Yates suggested after Mr. Rizzo's engineers said adjacent property owners were not interested in selling.

Richard Hull, president of Carroll Land Services Inc, a consultant for Mr. Rizzo, said a new street to Carroll Highlands Road would not be in accord with the county's plan for the planned street that will cross Mr. Rizzo's land.

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