French palates experience more intense Grey Poupon


April 19, 1995|By Rita Calvert | Rita Calvert,Special to The Sun

Q: When I was in France, the Grey Poupon mustard I ate was very fiery. I can't seem to find the same heat intensity in the Grey Poupon mustard in the States. Is there a reason for this?

A: Yes. When the Grey Poupon mustard is processed initially, it is intensely hot due to the volatile oils that are released when the seeds are crushed. Grey Poupon actually holds the product for three to six months before it is shipped to the United States, allowing it to mellow a bit for our palate.

You may even find that individual jars of mustard in this country vary in heat level because the heat of the mustard crop itself varies from season to season.

Q: Does instant brown rice have as much nutritional value as the longer cooking brown rice?

A: Basically the nutritional value of instant rice is very close to that of the longer cooking variety. The protein is slightly less, .53 milligrams, but the fiber is actually .23 milligrams higher.

TIP: To find out if a dish is microwave-safe, fill a 2-cup measure with 1 cup cold water and place it in the oven next to the dish to be tested. Heat one minute on high. If the water is hot and the dish you are testing is cool, the dish is safe to use for the microwave. If the tested dish is hot, it is not save for microwave cooking.

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