Here's how to file taxes at the last minute

April 17, 1995

So it's Monday, April 17, and you still haven't paid your taxes. If you're reading this over breakfast, you have about 15 hours to fill out those helpful, user-friendly state and federal tax forms, get in your car and get to the post office.

If you're reading this over dinner, you have about five hours. And there's only one place to go. The main post office at 900 E. Fayette St. in Baltimore will be open until midnight. While you sweat it out, we provide these fun facts to ease your day:

* If misery loves company, there are typically about 400,000 people statewide who haven't filed their returns in the 48 hours before the witching hour. By tonight, a million or more individual state and federal tax returns will flood into post offices in the region.

* The 900 employees of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service district office at the federal building in downtown Baltimore will answer about 10,000 telephone tax inquiries today from people like you, if you haven't filed your returns yet.

* For your tardiness, you will have to wait until June to get your refund, if you are filing by mail.

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