Move Election Day to April 16I am responding to the county...


April 16, 1995

Move Election Day to April 16

I am responding to the county commissioners' plan to increase the piggyback tax and Brian Sullam's column in The Sun for Carroll County on March 26.

There is no doubt the county needs money to build schools and roads and the commissioners are trying to get that done by asking for more taxes. I commend them for making a hard decision.

As a taxpayer and voter, I have to make a hard decision, too. Carroll County has been responsible and has cut everything it can, but the state and federal governments have not.

Taxes have a cumulative effect and in 1994, I paid a full 35 percent of my income in taxes. I worked 127.75 days just to pay taxes. I can no longer afford the life I've earned. Enough is enough! . . .

As recent articles in The Sun and other periodicals have pointed out, addicts and alcoholics get hundreds of dollars monthly because they are too trashed to work and countless others receive public assistance because it's "easy money" (to quote one recipient), while more still coach their kids to fake emotional problems so they can receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments. Add in the cost of the usual government pork and other waste, and one begins to get the picture.

Taxes are too high now and most of what we pay is wasted, so why should I pay more? I will not support any new taxes for any reason, regardless of which jurisdiction is asking for them.

I suggest elected officials exert extreme pressure on their counterparts at each successive level of government to cut out the fraud, waste and abuse and get down to the business of doing only what it was created to do.

If some officials don't understand the message or can't get the job done, just let us know. We'll see they get a new job next Election Day. (Remember November 1994?)

If government will clean up its act and cut the nonsense, we can have everything we need without increasing taxes and still put money in the bank.

I will kick, scream and vote against any person who dares to even breathe the T-word. I think it's time to move Election Day to April 16 and have another tea party.

Andrew R. Schneider

Mount Airy

Taxpayers Sought

The Carroll County Taxpayers Association was formed in May 1992. It is an affiliate of the Maryland Taxpayers Association (an organization founded by John D. O'Neill).

The objective of The Carroll County Taxpayers Association is to influence government, particularly at the local level, to impose only those taxes that are absolutely necessary -- this being determined after ascertaining all possible reductions in previous budget expenditures. And to spend these funds only on constituent-desired programs and in the most efficient manner.

The Carroll County Taxpayers Association has a membership of about 300. Most of these members are older citizens who are vitally interested in the welfare of Carroll.

We value these members because of their stability and reliability, but we need the participation of 20-year olds and 30- and 40-year olds who are raising families and who will be Carroll's future. This segment of our community will be bearing the burden of financial support for Carroll for many decades. . . .

Imposition of taxes is the most important action of government in its relation to the family unit. The portion of family income exacted for taxes has increased precipitously in recent years at all levels of government.

It is a fact that many middle-class families are deprived of more than 40 percent of their earned income in the form of federal, state and local income tax, property tax, capital gains tax, use tax and fees, sales taxes, etc.

This coerced taking of family resources has created a situation that precludes home purchases for a great number of families, even many with two incomes.

A generation ago, the father's income was adequate to feed, clothe and care for the family and still provide the means to purchase a home, but not today.

It is imperative that young families exercise their prerogatives of citizenship and band together to make their voices heard and their desires known. A step in this process is to become a member of the Carroll County Taxpayers Association.

The group meets at 7:30 p.m. on the third Monday of the month in Room 7 of the Carroll County Office Building, 225 N. Center Street, Westminster.

Information regarding membership may be obtained by phoning 410-795-1686, 410-795-8419 or 410-857-1213, or write to the Carroll County Taxpayers Association, P.O. Box 1631, Westminster, MD, 21150.

Arthur B. Lego


The writer is vice president of the Carroll County Taxpayers Association.

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