Law will allow children's group to raise oysters

April 12, 1995

Gov. Parris N. Glendening signed into law yesterday a bill that will allow nonprofit educational corporations to own up to two oyster leases each in the Severn River starting Oct. 1.

About 30 Sherwood Forest children, part of a community naturalist group prohibited from owning the leases under the old law, were there. Acacia Walker, a fifth grader at Rolling Knolls Elementary School, gave the governor a Sherwood Forest baseball cap. William Moulden, who holds title to the children's oyster grounds and runs the naturalist program, said the governor asked to tour the children's oyster-culturing project.

The children will start growing oysters this summer in a project aimed at restoring oysters as a water filter for the Severn River. Pollution has closed the river to public oystering.

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