Two arrested after car is vandalized

April 12, 1995

A Baltimore man and a Ferndale youth were arrested Sunday night after breaking into a parked car near the Cromwell Field light rail station and trying to steal stereo equipment, county police said.

Officers Wayne Vernon and Todd Powell were on routine patrol when they saw two people duck between two cars about 10:30 p.m. The pair tried to escape but the officers caught them. The officers searched the area and found that a car the two had been standing near had a broken window. Several of the car's stereo components were on the ground next to it, police said.

Kori Alexander Chin, 18, of the 300 block of Burleith Ave. was charged with destruction of property and theft, police said. The second person, a 17-year-old Ferndale youth, has not been charged yet, police said.

Man charged with stealing socks

A Baltimore man was charged with misdemeanor theft Sunday afternoon after an officer found $15 worth of socks stuffed under the man's shirt, county police said.

Officer Roger Crawford was on routine patrol about 1:55 p.m. when he saw a man walking in the 4600 block of Morgan Road, coming from the direction of the 11th Ave. Shopping Center in the 5000 block of Ritchie Highway. The Buck Stuff store is in the shopping center.

Officer Crawford stopped the man because he was walking in the street. When the patrolman asked the pedestrian if he had any property on him, the man raised his shirt and showed him a pair of socks, police said. Officer Crawford said he found a total of 15 pairs of socks on the man.

Michael Dwight Fulton, 40, of the 700 block of Redbird Ave. was charged in the case.

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