Posse's reprieve? CFL is voting on transfer OK

April 11, 1995|By Ken Murray

In the latest twist to the bizarre saga of the Las Vegas Posse, Canadian Football League governors was to decide today whether to transfer the team to Jackson, Miss.

The vote comes six days after commissioner Larry Smith announced that he was suspending the Las Vegas franchise rather than relocate it in Jackson. If the governors approve the transfer, they will cancel the dispersal draft of Posse players scheduled for 3 p.m. today.

Shortly after Smith's announcement last week, Orlando, Fla., businessman Norton Herrick began negotiations to purchase the team.

"I think it will pass," B.C. Lions owner Bill Comrie said of the transfer. "It's only my guess. [But] I don't think you turn down people like Norton Herrick."

Baltimore owner Jim Speros said he was doubtful that the relocation would be approved. "I'm not counting on this happening," he said.

With little more than a month until training camps open, the league doesn't have a schedule and is unsure how many teams will play in 1995.

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