Eileen O'Casey, 95, the widow of Irish playwright Sean...


April 11, 1995

Eileen O'Casey, 95, the widow of Irish playwright Sean O'Casey and author of three books about their life together, died Sunday in London. In three books -- "Sean," "Eileen," and "Cheerio, Titan" -- written after his death at 84 in 1964, she emphasized his humanity over his anger. In his last love letter to her, he wrote: "You are and have been, indeed, the pulse of my heart."

Morarji Desai, 99,a former prime minister of India who helped assemble a multiparty system in the world's largest democracy, died yesterday in New Delhi. He had been hospitalized for several weeks and had recently undergone brain surgery. He was prime minister from 1977 to 1979, a brief interlude in the 17-year leadership of Indira Gandhi.

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