25 Years Ago* The Severn-Ridgeway Improvement Association...


April 09, 1995|By Robert M. Pennington of the Ann Arrundell County Historical Society.

25 Years Ago

* The Severn-Ridgeway Improvement Association in Anne Arundel County is opposed to proposed housing on 109 acres on Route 554. Pioneer City plans to build 100 apartment units with federal backing while Warfield is planning 201 units also with federal financing. -- The Sun, May 4, 1970.

* Some 900 students and faculty of St. John's College, feeling that confrontation cannot advance the cause of reason, signed a petition to President Nixon denouncing violent methods of dissent to his decision to send troops into Cambodia. At the same time, they denounced the expansion of the war. -- The Sun, May 12, 1970.

* Anti-hijacking devices will soon be installed at Friendship Airport to check passengers boarding flights for certain areas. Passengers will also be screened. -- The Sun, May 16, 1970.

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