Trees Aren't Just PrettyI am writing to applaud the...


April 09, 1995

Trees Aren't Just Pretty

I am writing to applaud the editorial position which you have taken in opposition to the bill co-sponsored by delegates Joseph Getty and Donald Elliott to exempt Carroll County from the Forest Conservation Ordinance, and to present some hard facts about trees since neither the bill's co-sponsors nor Commissioner Donald I. ("We have enough trees") Dell nor Martin K. P. ("significant cost impact") Hill will do so.

Politicians work to please their constituents, or at least the ones who whine the most, and developers build houses. Both are oriented to the short-term gain. . . .

Trees counter global warming by storing much of what they produce in the form of wood. For every cubic foot of wood it grows, a tree locks up 17.5 pounds of carbon. If that tree lives for 100 years, the carbon will not be added to the atmospheric build-up of carbon -- the principal cause of global warming. . . . By using trees to reduce air conditioning needs, electricity is saved, less coal or oil is burned to produce electricity, and less pollution is released into the air. Trees filter some air pollutants directly from the air and reduce ozone depletion and smog production, much of which comes from automobile emissions. Thus, it is an issue which involves public health as well. . . .

Kathy Blanco-Losada


Hoop Screams

Below is what Bill Free wrote about the All-County basketball team on March 16. When I arrived home the day it appeared in the paper, there were nine messages on my voice mail from people who reacted as I did, so I know it isn't just my bias.

"Topher Casserly, Francis Scott Key, Sr., F -- The leading scorer in the county with 18.5 points a game, Casserly played under a lot of pressure most of the season as the Eagles failed to live up to expectations as the best team in the county. When Key floundered, going 4-14 after a 4-0 start, Casserly seemed to take some of the losses personally and tried to do too much on the court. Casserly at times was tentative on offense and had no natural flow. But he was still good enough to shoot 48 percent from the field and average eight rebounds with 18.5 points. . . . Bill, free yourself of the negative vernacular. Since when did an athlete of All-County status give you the opportunity to insult rather than to honor him?

Lynda Casserly


Sen. Ferguson's Response

This is in response to your editorial of March 14 regarding my personal finances. Your justification for the editorial was very dishonest; as though my unemployment should be exploited based on false charges that I have "often belittled the plight of the poor."

I have never belittled the plight of the poor seeing that I was homeless 20 years ago -- a well-known fact during the campaign if you were listening. The only welfare recipients I have ever demonized are the lazy ones who refuse to work.

Contrary to your editorial, I didn't just recently learn about life's hardships. Also, you'll be surprised to know that I am not devastated by my present circumstances. Unlike some in our country, encouraged by the constant drumbeat of a newspaper such as the liberal Sun, I refuse to act like a victim in need of a scapegoat or a government handout.

I'll stand or fall on my own, thank you. And if I fall, I will not allow you sharks the pleasure of a free meal, no matter how frenzied the feeding. Speaking of free meals, my comment in that vein, regarding receptions in Annapolis, was made in jest. It's not my fault that journalists hungry for a story also partake of freebies in their reporting.

Yes, I will rise again as do most Americans, who have historically made necessity a virtue. I've been in worse financial shape than this in my life and no attempt on your part to kick a man when he's down will keep me from self-improvement.

The next time you go for my throat don't hide your politics of greed and envy in the cloak of righteous indignation, as if you really care about the poor or those who are on welfare.

If you did, you would have heard my story of homelessness during the campaign and chronicled my success so others in need would learn from it. Don't shed any crocodile tears for me. Save it for those desperate souls who have to make up stories for a living.

Sen. Timothy R. Ferguson


The writer represents the 4th Legislative District in the Maryland Senate.

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